Jon Thor Birgisson (Jonsi)


Abbreviated Credits:


  • Without Remorse
  • The Feeling of Going
  • Aloha
  • We Bought a Zoo
  • After the Wedding (additional music)


  • Manhattan

Awards / Biography:

Since the 1990s world-renowned interdisciplinary artist Jónsi has produced ethereal sounds through an astute aesthetic that combines the minimal, classical and the progressive. Jónsi initially gained international recognition as the lead vocalist for the Icelandic experimental rock band Sigur Rós, whose unique sounds have been equated with the sublime. Jónsi’s unequivocal vocal and instrumental approach have expanded the boundaries of musical genres, rendering him one of the leading musical artists of our time.

Outside of Sigur Rós, Jónsi has cultivated a latticework of other interconnected music projects, inclusive of solo works and collaborations. In 2009 he and partner Alex Somers released the landmark ambient album Riceboy Sleeps, which they followed up in 2019 with Lost & Found. In 2018 Jónsi, Alex Somers, and Paul Corley formed Liminal, whose ambient soundbath events have been hosted at art spaces across the world to high critical praise. In 2019 he formed the musical duo Dark Morph with Swedish composer Carl Michael von Hausswolf followed by the release of his second solo album Shiver in 2020.

In addition to studio albums, Jónsi has scored such films as the Amazon original thriller, Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse, and two Cameron Crowe films We Bought a Zoo starring Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson and Aloha starring Bradley Cooper, Rachel McAdams, and Emma Stone. He wrote original music for numerous feature films including Netflix’s Seaspiracy, several songs for How to Train Your Dragon, Aquaman, Beautiful Boy, Boy Erased, The Snowman, Upside Down, This Must Be the Place, and many more.

His past television projects include songs for It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Britain’s Got Talent, The Vampire Diaries, Criminal Minds, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, and The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

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